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eviction the process of being forced to leave a property.
evidence the basis for belief; that which constitutes proof of something. [5 definitions]
evidence-based pertaining to a process or approach that is developed based on scientific evidence.
evident clear; manifest; obvious.
evidential of, relating to, or providing evidence.
evidently as nearly as can be determined; apparently. [2 definitions]
evil morally or spiritually corrupt. [7 definitions]
evildoer one who does evil.
evil eye a look or gaze supposedly able to harm the one at whom it is cast. [2 definitions]
evil-minded having evil or malicious thoughts or intentions.
evince to show or manifest clearly; give evidence of; make plain. [2 definitions]
eviscerate to remove the intestines of. [3 definitions]
evitable possible to avoid; avoidable.
evocable able to be called or brought forth.
evocation the act or process of evoking.
evocative tending to or able to evoke.
evoke to call forth or bring out (an image, memory, response, or the like) in the mind or in action. [2 definitions]
evolution the continuous modification and adaptation of organisms to their environments through selection, hybridization, and the like. [3 definitions]
evolutionary of or pertaining to evolution or the theory of evolution.
evolutionist one who supports the theory of evolution.
evolve to develop, achieve, or devise gradually. [5 definitions]