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exacerbate to increase the painfulness or severity of (illness, suffering, hard feelings, or the like); aggravate. [2 definitions]
exact fully precise, accurate, or correct. [4 definitions]
exactable combined form of exact.
exacting severe or strict in making demands. [2 definitions]
exaction the act of demanding or requiring time, money, or the like. [2 definitions]
exactitude the state or quality of being exact; precision.
exactly with absolute precision or accuracy. [3 definitions]
exaggerate to overstate (the size, value, importance, or other quality of a thing, person, or event). [3 definitions]
exaggerated overstated; excessive. [2 definitions]
exaggeration the act or an instance of exaggerating; overstatement.
exalt to raise in rank, power, dignity, or the like; elevate. [2 definitions]
exaltation the act of exalting or the state of being exalted. [2 definitions]
exalted raised in rank, power, or the like; elevated. [3 definitions]
exam (informal) an examination, such as an academic test or physical checkup.
examination the act or result of close inspection or thorough evaluation. [3 definitions]
examine to inspect or evaluate thoroughly. [4 definitions]
example a particular instance or representative member of a class of things. [4 definitions]
exasperate to annoy or irritate greatly; cause to lose patience. [2 definitions]
exasperated greatly annoyed after losing patience with someone or something.
exasperating causing one to lose patience and become annoyed or frustrated.
exasperation an act of exasperating or the state of being exasperated.