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exception the act of leaving out. [4 definitions]
exceptionable likely to be objected to; objectionable.
exceptional uncommon, unusual, or out of the ordinary. [2 definitions]
excerpt a short passage taken from a written work, film, or the like. [2 definitions]
excess the state or an instance of going beyond what is required, expected, or considered reasonable. [5 definitions]
excessive more than is required, expected, or considered reasonable; extravagant or immoderate.
exchange to give or receive (one thing) for another; trade; swap. [7 definitions]
exchangeable combined form of exchange.
exchange rate the price of one currency in terms of another, yielding a ratio at which money of one country can be exchanged for money of another country.
exchange student a student who attends high school in a foreign country, while a student from that country studies in the country of the first.
exchequer a treasury, esp. of a government. [2 definitions]
excise1 a tax levied on the manufacture or sale of certain goods within a nation or state. [3 definitions]
excise2 to remove by or as though by cutting; cut out.
excitability the capability of being easily excited.
excitable capable of being easily excited.
excitation the act of exciting or condition of being excited.
excite to stimulate or cause to be aroused or agitated. [5 definitions]
excited aroused to a condition of excitement; thrilled; agitated.
excitement a state or display of heightened emotion or activity. [2 definitions]
exciting causing excitement, arousal, or agitation.
exclaim to speak suddenly and vehemently, with or as if with surprise or emotion. [2 definitions]