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excrescence abnormal enlargement or growth; hypertrophy. [3 definitions]
excreta substances that are excreted from the body, such as sweat and urine.
excrete to discharge or eliminate (wastes and harmful materials) from the body.
excretion the act or process of eliminating bodily waste matter. [2 definitions]
excretory of, relating to, or having the function of excretion.
excruciating extremely painful or intensely distressing; agonizing. [2 definitions]
exculpate to free (a person or group) from guilt or blame, or from the suspicion of guilt or blame.
excursion a short journey undertaken for a specific purpose. [3 definitions]
excursive pertaining to, tending toward, or having the nature of a digression from the main topic.
excuse to pardon or overlook. [11 definitions]
exec. abbreviation of "executive."
execrable of very poor quality; extremely inferior. [2 definitions]
execrate to completely detest; abhor; loathe. [3 definitions]
executable (of a file or program) capable of being run by a computer. [2 definitions]
execute to carry out or make real; do; accomplish. [4 definitions]
execution the process of putting into effect. [4 definitions]
executioner a person who has official authorization to execute a death sentence.
executive a person in authority within a corporation, government, or other organization; one who is responsible for managing or directing. [5 definitions]
executive branch one of the three branches of the government in the United States. The job of the executive branch is to carry out the laws of a country. The president and various departments make up the executive branch.
Executive Mansion see "White House." [2 definitions]
executive officer in the military, an officer who is assistant to the commanding officer of a unit, or who is second in command of a unit smaller than a division. [2 definitions]