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excursion a short journey undertaken for a specific purpose. [3 definitions]
excursive pertaining to, tending toward, or having the nature of a digression from the main topic.
excuse to pardon or overlook. [11 definitions]
exec. abbreviation of "executive."
execrable of very poor quality; extremely inferior. [2 definitions]
execrate to completely detest; abhor; loathe. [3 definitions]
executable (of a file or program) capable of being run by a computer. [2 definitions]
execute to carry out or make real; do; accomplish. [4 definitions]
execution the process of putting into effect. [4 definitions]
executioner a person who has official authorization to execute a death sentence.
executive a person in authority within a corporation, government, or other organization; one who is responsible for managing or directing. [5 definitions]
executive branch one of the three branches of the government in the United States. The job of the executive branch is to carry out the laws of a country. The president and various departments make up the executive branch.
Executive Mansion see "White House." [2 definitions]
executive officer in the military, an officer who is assistant to the commanding officer of a unit, or who is second in command of a unit smaller than a division. [2 definitions]
executive privilege the right of the President of the United States to withhold from Congress and the judiciary important information concerning certain executive activities.
executor in law, a person named to carry out the provisions of another's will.
executrix in law, a female named to carry out the provisions of another's will.
exegesis a critical explanation or interpretive analysis, esp. of religious texts.
exegete an expert in interpretation or analysis, esp. of religious texts.
exemplar one worthy to be imitated or studied; model. [4 definitions]
exemplary deserving to be imitated or followed; highly commendable. [4 definitions]