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exhausted extremely tired, having used up all or nearly all of one's energy.
exhausting causing great physical fatigue. [2 definitions]
exhaustion the act of exhausting, or state of being exhausted. [2 definitions]
exhaustive thorough and all-encompassing. [2 definitions]
exhaustless combined form of exhaust.
exhibit to expose for viewing or inspection; present; show. [8 definitions]
exhibition an act of exhibiting, or that which is exhibited. [2 definitions]
exhibitionism the practice of purposely behaving so as to attract attention. [2 definitions]
exhibitive serving as an exhibition; exhibiting or revealing (usu. fol. by "of").
exhilarate to invigorate or stimulate greatly. [2 definitions]
exhilaration a feeling or condition of being exhilarated; intense high spirits.
exhort to advise, urge, or incite with great seriousness. [2 definitions]
exhortation the act of urging or advising earnestly. [2 definitions]
exhume to dig out, esp. from a grave; disinter. [2 definitions]
ex-husband one who is no longer one's husband; former husband; past husband.
exigency a condition of urgency. [3 definitions]
exigent requiring immediate attention; urgent or critical. [2 definitions]
exiguous very scanty or lacking; meager.
exile prolonged separation from one's country, home, or loved ones. [6 definitions]
exist to have being or reality. [3 definitions]
existence the state of having being or reality. [4 definitions]