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express to state or otherwise make known (ideas, thoughts, or feelings). [8 definitions]
expressage the business of carrying packages and other goods by express. [2 definitions]
expression the act, process, or result of making thoughts or feelings known, esp. in words. [5 definitions]
expressionism a movement in the arts of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries that emphasized the artist's subjective experience or perceptions, expressed through symbolic and often distorted or unconventional treatment of material.
expressionless combined form of expression.
expressive full of expression, as a remark or gesture. [3 definitions]
expressly in an explicit manner. [2 definitions]
expressman a man who works for an express company, esp. one who picks up and delivers packages.
expressway a divided highway that has limited access and is designed to enable traffic to move rapidly.
expropriate to take or transfer without permission. [2 definitions]
expropriation the act of depriving property owners of their property, usually through legal or official procedures.
expulsion an act or instance of expelling or forcing out, or the state of being expelled.
expunge to cross out or erase. [2 definitions]
expurgate to purge (a book or the like) of material considered to be offensive or erroneous prior to publication.
exquisite of exceptional beauty or charm; delicately or finely made. [4 definitions]
ext. abbreviation of "extension," an additional telephone line connected to the main line.
extant still in existence; current; not extinct, destroyed, or lost.
extemporaneous not planned or prepared; impromptu. [4 definitions]
extemporary extemporaneous.
extempore without plan or preparation; impromptu or improvised. [3 definitions]
extemporize to speak without preparation or reference to notes. [5 definitions]