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expurgate to purge (a book or the like) of material considered to be offensive or erroneous prior to publication.
exquisite of exceptional beauty or charm; delicately or finely made. [4 definitions]
ext. abbreviation of "extension," an additional telephone line connected to the main line.
extant still in existence; current; not extinct, destroyed, or lost.
extemporaneous not planned or prepared; impromptu. [4 definitions]
extemporary extemporaneous.
extempore without plan or preparation; impromptu or improvised. [3 definitions]
extemporize to speak without preparation or reference to notes. [5 definitions]
extend to make longer in size or duration, or to move (a deadline, due date, or the like) further ahead in time. [8 definitions]
extendable combined form of extend.
extended stretched, pulled, or spread out. [3 definitions]
extended family a large group of relatives related by blood, marriage, or adoption who compose a single household or live close to each other. [2 definitions]
extended-release of or pertaining to a pill, tablet, capsule, or device that released drug slowly over an extended period of time.
extensible able to be extended.
extension the act of extending or state of being extended. [6 definitions]
extensive having great reach or extension. [3 definitions]
extensor a muscle that serves to stretch or straighten part of the body, esp. an arm or a leg.
extent the degree, amount, space, or distance that something reaches or covers. [3 definitions]
extenuate to reduce the magnitude or seriousness of (a fault or offense) by offering partial excuses.
exterior on or related to the outside or outer side. [5 definitions]
exterior angle any of the four angles formed outside of two parallel lines where they are intersected by a transverse line. (Cf. interior angle.) [2 definitions]