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extreme unction the sacrament administered by a Roman Catholic priest to a dying person; last rites.
extremism a tendency to go beyond moderation to extreme positions, esp. on political issues.
extremist a person who takes a radical stand and encourages radical action or thinking, esp. in politics. [3 definitions]
extremity the farthest reach or point of a thing. [4 definitions]
extricate to free or release from difficulty, entanglement, or involvement; disengage.
extrinsic not inherent or essential; extraneous. (Cf. intrinsic.) [2 definitions]
extrinsic factor a vitamin found in foods such as milk, eggs, and fish, used in the treatment of anemia; vitamin B12.
extrorse in botany, facing outward; turned away from the center. (Cf. introrse.)
extroversion the tendency to pay more attention to others or the external world than to oneself. (Cf. introversion.) [2 definitions]
extrovert one whose interest and attention are directed to the world outside the self (Cf. introvert.) [2 definitions]
extrude to force out; expel. [3 definitions]
exuberance the quality or condition of being exuberant. [2 definitions]
exuberant vigorously enthusiastic or happy; high-spirited. [2 definitions]
exude to ooze out of, or as if out of, the pores of the skin, as perspiration. [2 definitions]
exult to rejoice greatly, esp. over some triumph.
exultant exhibiting great joy or triumph; jubilant.
exultation the act or feeling of rejoicing greatly, as over some triumph.
exurbia an area or group of communities located beyond the suburbs of a city and usu. inhabited by prosperous people.
exuviate to shed (skin); molt.
ex-wife one who is no longer one's wife; former wife, past wife.
-ey variant of -y1.