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extremity the farthest reach or point of a thing. [4 definitions]
extricate to free or release from difficulty, entanglement, or involvement; disengage.
extrinsic not inherent or essential; extraneous. (Cf. intrinsic.) [2 definitions]
extrinsic factor a vitamin found in foods such as milk, eggs, and fish, used in the treatment of anemia; vitamin B12.
extrorse in botany, facing outward; turned away from the center. (Cf. introrse.)
extroversion the tendency to pay more attention to others or the external world than to oneself. (Cf. introversion.) [2 definitions]
extrovert one whose interest and attention are directed to the world outside the self (Cf. introvert.) [2 definitions]
extrude to force out; expel. [3 definitions]
exuberance the quality or condition of being exuberant. [2 definitions]
exuberant vigorously enthusiastic or happy; high-spirited. [2 definitions]
exude to ooze out of, or as if out of, the pores of the skin, as perspiration. [2 definitions]
exult to rejoice greatly, esp. over some triumph.
exultant exhibiting great joy or triumph; jubilant.
exultation the act or feeling of rejoicing greatly, as over some triumph.
exurbia an area or group of communities located beyond the suburbs of a city and usu. inhabited by prosperous people.
exuviate to shed (skin); molt.
ex-wife one who is no longer one's wife; former wife, past wife.
-ey variant of -y1.
eyas a hawk or falcon too young to leave the nest, or one taken from its nest to be trained for falconry.
eye the organ of sight and the area close around it, including the lids, lashes, and brow. [9 definitions]
eyeball the ball-shaped part of the eye, or the whole eye. [2 definitions]