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facility a place planned or constructed for a specific activity. [3 definitions]
facing material applied to a surface as a covering, such as bricks to a cement wall or lining to a coat.
facsimile an exact copy or duplicate, as of something printed or pictorial; reproduction. [2 definitions]
fact something known or proved to be true, or established in law to be true. [4 definitions]
fact checker someone whose job it is to verify the accuracy of facts in a text before publication.
fact family in mathematics education, a group of equations in which each equation can be rearranged to produce another equation the family.
fact-finding involved in the discovery and determination of the facts. [2 definitions]
-faction the act or result of making or producing.
faction a group or party within, and often at odds with, a larger organization. [2 definitions]
factional of or relating to a faction.
factious inclined toward or promoting faction; divisive or dissentious. [2 definitions]
factitious not natural or genuine; artificial.
factoid a false or half-true statement or idea, often accepted as fact because of wide circulation and frequent repetition, as in print and electronic media.
factor something that has an influence on or is a partial cause of something that happens. [4 definitions]
factorable combined form of factor.
factorage the business of one that receives a commission for carrying out commercial, industrial, or financial transactions for another. [2 definitions]
factorial the product of a given series of whole numbers, achieved by multiplying a specific positive integer by all lesser positive integers.
factory a building or set of buildings where products are manufactured.
factory farm a feeding center for agricultural animals which contains them within a small space and is designed to increase, to the maximum, the efficency of their use in food production.
factory farming a strictly controlled system of livestock farming in which animals are confined indoors under high density conditions to reduce costs and increase output.
factotum one employed to do a wide variety of tasks.