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fair-spoken speaking or spoken with politeness, tact, or civility.
fair-trade pertaining to an agreement made by a seller to pay fair wages to workers producing the seller's goods in a developing country, or to the products produced under such an agreement. [3 definitions]
fairway an unobstructed, navigable passage or area on land or sea. [2 definitions]
fair-weather suited only for fair weather. [2 definitions]
fairy an imaginary tiny creature in human form, thought to possess supernatural powers that can change the course of human affairs. [3 definitions]
fairyland the imaginary abode of fairies, or a real place of great beauty and charm.
fairy tale a fictitious, sometimes incredible, imaginative story, often involving giants, ogres, elves, or other magical creatures and characters. [2 definitions]
fait accompli (French) a wholly completed deed or accomplishment, esp. one that appears irreversible and has been done without an affected person's prior knowledge.
faith belief, confidence, or trust. [5 definitions]
faith cure a method of trying to heal disease or other medical infirmity through prayer or religious exercises.
faithful fulfilling one's duty or obligations in life. [7 definitions]
faith healing a method of ministering to the sick through prayer and religious faith.
faithless failing in one's duties or responsibilities. [3 definitions]
fake to create a counterfeit of; falsify. [8 definitions]
faker a person who deceives, pretends, or fakes.
fakir a wandering beggar of the Muslim or Hindu religion, esp. one who performs remarkable feats such as lying on a bed of nails.
falafel a deep-fried croquette or patty made of ground chickpeas, fava beans, and spices. [2 definitions]
Falange a fascist organization established in 1933 that became the only official political party of Spain under the dictatorship of Franco. [2 definitions]
falcate curved or hooked like a sickle.
falchion a short broad medieval sword with a slight curve in the blade near the point.
falcon any of several birds of prey, related to hawks, that hunt during the day and have long powerful wings and a hooked beak.