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feed bag a bag that can be filled with feed, slipped over a horse's muzzle, and kept in place with straps over the animal's head.
feeder someone or something that supplies or receives food. [5 definitions]
feedlot a plot of land on which livestock, esp. cattle to be sold for beef, are fattened before being shipped to market.
feed on usu. of animals, to eat (a certain type of thing) as food.
feedstock raw materials used in an industrial process, such as metal bars to be fed into a machine for cutting or shaping.
feedstuff food for livestock or poultry; fodder; feed.
feel to perceive by actively touching, or perceive passively through one's skin. [15 definitions]
feeler a hint, suggestion, or question intended to cause another's thoughts or feelings to be revealed. [2 definitions]
feeling a physical sensation produced by touch. [10 definitions]
feel in one's bones to receive impressions intuitively.
feel like to have a desire for (something) or interest in (doing something); be in the mood for.
feel like oneself to be in a healthy frame of mind or physical condition; feel good.
feel oneself to be in a healthy frame of mind or physical condition; feel good.
feel one's oats to be unusually energetic, or to be newly aware of one's freedom or power.
feel sorry for to feel sympathy or compassion for (a person or animal). [2 definitions]
feel up (vulgar slang) to touch in a sexual manner.
feel up to (informal) to feel able to do something.
feet pl. of foot.
feet of clay a serious, unsuspected fault in someone who is exceptionally admired.
feign to imitate in order to deceive; put on or give a false appearance of. [3 definitions]
feint a movement or thrust in a misleading direction, or a slight attack at a misleading point, to draw one's opponent away from the real target, as in sports or military combat. [5 definitions]