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ferment any of various substances, such as an enzyme or yeast, that cause fermentation. [8 definitions]
fermentable combined form of ferment.
fermentation the chemical act or process, caused by a fermenting agent, of converting a carbohydrate into alcohol, acids, and other compounds, as yeast converts the sugar in grape juice into alcohol, producing wine. [2 definitions]
fermi a unit of length equal to 10-15 meter.
fermium a synthetic radioactive chemical element that has one hundred protons in each nucleus. (symbol: Fm)
fern any of several flowerless, seedless plants having green, feathery leaves.
fernery a place or terrarium in which ferns are grown. [2 definitions]
ferocious cruelly savage; fierce. [2 definitions]
ferocity the quality or state of being ferocious; ferociousness.
-ferous bearing; yielding; containing.
ferrate any of several salts of iron. [2 definitions]
ferret a domesticated, usu. albino variety of the European polecat, used in hunting rabbits, rats, and the like. [5 definitions]
ferric of, relating to, or containing iron, esp. with a valence of three.
ferric oxide a red-brown solid compound in the natural form of iron ore or rust, processed for use as a pigment and in metallurgy, magnetic tapes and polishing compounds.
Ferris wheel (sometimes l.c.) a ride, as at a carnival or amusement park, consisting of a very large upright power-driven wheel with partially enclosed seats that are suspended between two parallel rims.
ferrite any compound formed by the combining of ferric oxide with the oxide of a baser metal. [3 definitions]
ferro- iron.
ferroconcrete see "reinforced concrete."
ferroelectric of or relating to a nonconducting material that will polarize when an electric field is applied. [2 definitions]
ferromagnetic of or pertaining to several substances, such as iron and nickel, that are easily magnetized.
ferromanganese an alloy of manganese and iron, used in steelmaking.