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ferret a domesticated, usu. albino variety of the European polecat, used in hunting rabbits, rats, and the like. [5 definitions]
ferric of, relating to, or containing iron, esp. with a valence of three.
ferric oxide a red-brown solid compound in the natural form of iron ore or rust, processed for use as a pigment and in metallurgy, magnetic tapes and polishing compounds.
Ferris wheel (sometimes l.c.) a ride, as at a carnival or amusement park, consisting of a very large upright power-driven wheel with partially enclosed seats that are suspended between two parallel rims.
ferrite any compound formed by the combining of ferric oxide with the oxide of a baser metal. [3 definitions]
ferro- iron.
ferroconcrete see "reinforced concrete."
ferroelectric of or relating to a nonconducting material that will polarize when an electric field is applied. [2 definitions]
ferromagnetic of or pertaining to several substances, such as iron and nickel, that are easily magnetized.
ferromanganese an alloy of manganese and iron, used in steelmaking.
ferrous of, relating to, or containing iron, esp. with a valence of two.
ferrous oxide a powdery black compound of iron used in making steel, a type of glass, and enamels.
ferruginous of, containing, or like iron. [2 definitions]
ferrule a metal ring, cap, or sleeve put around the end of a pole, shaft, handle, or the like to reinforce, prevent splitting, or provide a strong connection. [3 definitions]
ferry a boat or ship used to carry people, vehicles, and other things across a bay, river, lake, or channel. [6 definitions]
ferryboat a boat used to transport people, vehicles, or goods across a bay, river, or the like.
ferryman a person who operates or owns a ferry.
fertile producing or able to produce abundant growth of farm crops or other vegetation. [4 definitions]
fertility the quality or state of being fertile.
fertilization the act or process of fertilizing.
fertilize to cause the fertilization of. [3 definitions]