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festoon a decorative chain or strip of ribbons, flowers, leaves, or the like, suspended at the ends and hung in a curve. [4 definitions]
Festschrift (sometimes l.c.) a publication of writings or essays done by friends, colleagues, or admirers as a tribute to a scholar.
feta a soft white crumbly cheese, made of goat's milk and stored in brine, that originated in Greece and is a staple of eastern Mediterranean cuisine.
fetal of, relating to, or having the characteristics of an unborn young of a higher mammal, in the later stages of development.
fetch to go for (something) and bring back, or cause (a person) to come; get. [5 definitions]
fetching attractive; captivating.
fete a festival. [3 definitions]
fetid having a foul odor; stinking.
fetish an object believed to be inhabited by a spirit or to have magical powers, as of protection. [3 definitions]
fetishism belief in or use of fetishes, as in religious rituals. [2 definitions]
fetlock the projecting bone above and behind the hoof of a horse or horselike animal, or the tuft of hair on this projection.
fetter a chain or shackle placed on the ankles to restrict movement. [3 definitions]
fettle condition, esp. mental.
fettuccine (used with a pl. verb) long, narrow Italian noodles, usu. served with cheese, a sauce, or butter.
fetus of a higher animal, an unborn young in the later stages of development in the womb, esp. a human embryo after about three months of development.
feud a deep, long-lasting hostility, esp. between families or other related groups, and sometimes with outbreaks of violence. [3 definitions]
feudal of, concerning, or similar to feudalism, in which a landholding lord granted land to vassals on condition of their serving him. [2 definitions]
feudalism a system of economic and political organization, as in Europe in the Middle Ages, in which landholding lords granted lands to vassals in return for service and homage.
feudatory a person who has been granted land under a feudal system, or the land he holds. [2 definitions]
fever an above-normal body temperature, usu. caused by illness. [4 definitions]
fever blister a blister on the face or lips often accompanying a cold or fever; cold sore.