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fiberglass fine filaments of glass made into a fibrous insulating material or molded into a solid material for use as boat hulls, other vehicle bodies, and the like.
fiber optics a method of transmitting light through fine transparent flexible strands, usu. of glass or plastic.
fibre a spelling of "fiber" used in Canada and Britain. See "fiber."
fibreglass a spelling of "fiberglass" used in Canada and Britain. See "fiberglass."
fibril an extremely small fiber or hairlike structure, as on plant roots.
fibrillation involuntary and uncoordinated rapid twitching of muscle fibrils, esp. in the heart muscles. [2 definitions]
fibrin a tough, white, elastic protein formed in the clotting of blood.
fibrinogen a protein produced by the liver that is changed into fibrin during the clotting of blood.
fibrinolysis the breakdown of fibrin in blood clots, esp. by enzymes.
fibrinolytic of or pertaining to the breakdown of fibrin in blood clots.
fibro- fiber.
fibroid similar to or composed of fibrous tissue. [2 definitions]
fibroma a benign tumor consisting mainly of fibrous tissue.
fibrosis the development of an abnormal amount of fibrous tissue in or near an organ.
fibrous having, resembling, or composed of fibers.
fibrovascular in botany, containing both fibrous tissue and tissue or tubes for carrying fluids, as plant stems.
fibula the outer and smaller bone in the lower hind leg of a four-legged animal or below the knee of a human. (Cf. tibia.)
-fic causing; producing.
FICA acronym of "Federal Insurance Contributions Act," a federal tax law requiring employers to withhold a certain amount from employees' paychecks or wages for deposit in governmental accounts that fund Social Security.
-fication the act or result of causing or producing.
fiche a sheet of microfilm, resembling an index card in size, that can contain many pages of printed text in reduced size; microfiche.