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flatcar a railroad car having a flat platform with no walls or roof.
flatfish any member of an order of mainly saltwater fishes, such as the sole, halibut, or flounder, whose adult bodies are flat with both eyes on the upper side.
flatfoot a condition of the foot in which the arch is flattened.
flatfooted pertaining to or having flat feet. [2 definitions]
Flathead any member of several Indian tribes in the northwest United States, esp. a Salishan tribe of Montana.
flatiron a flat-bottomed iron that is heated and used to press clothes.
flatland (often pl.) fairly flat terrain such as a valley or plains, as opposed to hilly or mountainous terrain.
flat-out (informal) at maximum speed or strength. [3 definitions]
flat-screen of or pertaining to a thin, flat display on a computer or television.
flat silver eating utensils; silverware.
flatten to make flat. [3 definitions]
flatter1 to please with compliments. [4 definitions]
flatter2 one that makes something flat. [3 definitions]
flattering making one feel proud or pleased with oneself because of the compliment of another or because of something considered complimentary. [2 definitions]
flattery the act or practice of flattering. [2 definitions]
flat tire a tire that has become deflated through leakage, puncture, or the like.
flattish somewhat flat.
flattop (informal) an aircraft carrier. [2 definitions]
flatulent tending to generate gas in the digestive tract. [3 definitions]
flatus gas formed in the intestinal tract that may be expelled through the anus.
flatware relatively flat tableware, such as plates and saucers. [2 definitions]