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flaw2 a sudden burst of wind; gust. [2 definitions]
flax any of several related plants with slender stems, bearing tiny blue flowers as well as seeds which can be eaten and from which linseed oil is pressed. [2 definitions]
flaxen pertaining to, made of, or resembling flax. [2 definitions]
flaxseed the seed of flax, from which linseed oil is made.
flaxy like flax in texture.
flay to strip off the skin of, as by whipping or the like. [3 definitions]
F layer the highest zone of the ionosphere, between 120 and 250 miles above the earth.
flea any of an order of tiny wingless insects that move by jumping, and feed by sucking the blood of warm-blooded animals. [2 definitions]
flea-bitten having fleas or fleabites. [2 definitions]
flea in (one's) ear a broad hint or annoying reminder.
flea market a market, usu. outdoors, at which mostly secondhand goods are sold cheaply.
fleck a small patch of light or color. [3 definitions]
flection the act of bending or flexing, or the condition of being bent or flexed. [4 definitions]
fled past tense and past participle of flee.
fledge to tend (a young bird) and prepare it for flight. [4 definitions]
fledgling a young bird that has just grown flight feathers or learned to fly. [2 definitions]
flee to escape by moving rapidly away; run away. [2 definitions]
fleece the wool of a sheep or other animal, esp. the total yield of wool at one shearing. [7 definitions]
fleecy of, made of, covered with, or like fleece.
fleer1 to sneer, snicker, or laugh mockingly; mock. [2 definitions]
fleer2 one that flees.