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flue pipe an organ pipe in which sound is produced by a current of air that vibrates as it strikes the lip of an opening in the side of the pipe; flue.
fluff a soft, light, downlike substance, or a mass of such a substance. [7 definitions]
fluffy of, made of, or covered with fluff. [2 definitions]
fluid a substance, such as a liquid or gas, that can flow and that tends to conform to the shape of its container. [5 definitions]
fluid dram in the U.S., a unit of capacity equal to one eighth of a fluid ounce or 3.6966 milliliters. [2 definitions]
fluid ounce in the US, a unit of capacity equal to one sixteenth of a pint or 29.57 milliliters. [2 definitions]
fluke1 a triangular tip, as on an anchor or the head of a spear or arrow. [2 definitions]
fluke2 that which is accidentally successful; stroke of good luck.
fluke3 any of several flatfishes or flounderlike fishes.
fluky (informal) resulting from chance; accidental or lucky. [2 definitions]
flume a narrow gorge or ravine through which a stream flows. [3 definitions]
flummery any of several soft, thick, bland foods, such as boiled oatmeal or custard. [2 definitions]
flummox (informal) to confuse or puzzle.
flung past tense and part participle of fling.
flunk (informal) to be unsuccessful; fail, as a student in an examination or course. [3 definitions]
flunk out (informal) to be dismissed from a school because of failing grades.
flunky one who does unskilled, menial, or trivial tasks. [3 definitions]
fluor calcium fluoride; fluorite. [2 definitions]
fluoresce to exhibit, produce, or undergo radiation, esp. to emit visible light during or after exposure to radiation.
fluorescence the giving off of electromagnetic radiation, esp. in the form of visible light, during or after exposure to radiation from another source such as ultraviolet light or x-rays. [2 definitions]
fluorescent able to react to external radiation by emitting electromagnetic radiation, usu. in the form of visible light.