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foodless combined form of food.
food poisoning a severe digestive disorder caused by eating poisonous or contaminated food, and accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, and prostration.
food processor an electric kitchen appliance having a container with various blade attachments used to grind, grate, chop, slice, mix or otherwise prepare food.
food pyramid a pictorial guide developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to advocate healthy eating habits. It shows which types of foods should be eaten in lesser or greater amounts for good health.
food service industry generated by those people, places, institutions, and companies that are responsible for meals eaten away from home.
food stamp a U.S. Government coupon, issued to needy people free or at less than face value, that can be used to buy food.
food stamps a government program that pays for food. People who do not have enough money to buy food can apply for food stamps.
foodstuff a substance that is or can be used as food.
food web the network of interacting food chains within an ecological community.
fool one who lacks good sense, judgment or comprehension, or who fails to display these qualities on a specific occasion. [11 definitions]
fool around to behave in a silly or playful way, or to spend time in an idle way (sometimes fol. by "with").
fool away to waste or squander.
foolery silly or jesting actions or speech; tomfoolery. [2 definitions]
foolhardy unreasonably bold or daring; rash.
foolish lacking in good sense or judgment, or appearing to lack them; silly. [3 definitions]
foolproof able to withstand incompetence or misuse. [2 definitions]
fool's cap a cap traditionally worn by the fool in a royal court, usu. brightly colored and topped by several drooping peaks hung with bells. [2 definitions]
foolscap a sheet of paper about thirteen by seventeen inches, used for writing, printing, or drawing. [3 definitions]
fool's gold iron or copper pyrite, sometimes mistaken for gold because of its color.
fool's paradise an illusion of happiness and satisfaction.
fool's-parsley a poisonous herblike plant of Eurasia, having a stinking odor and resembling parsley.