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-footer someone or something (so many) feet tall, long, or the like.
footer the enlarged foundation work of a building, wall, or the like, used to spread the weight; footing. [2 definitions]
footfall a footstep, esp. the sound of one.
foot fault in tennis, a violation caused if both feet are not behind the base line when one is serving.
footgear shoes, boots, or the like.
foothill a low hill at the foot of a mountain or range of mountains.
foothold a place just large enough to stand or tread on safely, as in mountain climbing. [2 definitions]
footing a foundation or firm basis on which one can stand, build, or develop. [4 definitions]
foot it to go somewhere by walking.
footless combined form of foot.
footlight (usu. pl.) the row of lights at the front of a stage near floor level. [2 definitions]
footlocker a small trunk used to store clothing and personal belongings, as of a soldier, and often kept at the foot of one's bed.
footloose free to come and go as one pleases; not bound by any commitments or responsibilities.
footman a manservant, usu. in uniform, who attends the door of a house or carriage, serves at table, and runs errands.
footnote a note at the foot of a page or the end of a chapter that provides a comment or reference on the above or foregoing text. [4 definitions]
footpad a highwayman or robber who operates on foot.
footpath a narrow path for, and often made by, people walking.
foot-pound a unit of energy equal to the amount necessary to raise a weight of one pound to a height of one foot.
foot-poundal a unit of energy equal to the work done by the force of one pound, accelerating one foot per second per second, moving a distance of one foot.
foot-pound-second of, designating, or pertaining to the system of measurement in which the foot, pound, and second are the basic units of length, mass, and time.
footprint an outline or indentation created by pressing the foot on a surface, such as a step in wet sand or a muddy print left by a shoe.