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forestation the planting or establishment of a forest.
forestay a cable or rope extending from the bowsprit to the foremast, used to support the foremast.
forester an expert in forestry science. [2 definitions]
forestland a tract of land covered by a forest.
forestry the science of developing and caring for forests. [2 definitions]
foretaste a partial, advance experience or realization of something that will come or happen in the future. [2 definitions]
foretell to tell of in advance; prophesy; forecast. [2 definitions]
forethought a thinking about beforehand, esp. in order to make provision for an eventuality; anticipation; calculation.
foretoken a sign or warning of something that will appear or occur in the future. [2 definitions]
foretold past tense and past participle of "foretell."
foretop a platform at the head of a foremast.
fore-topgallant of, pertaining to, or denoting the mast, sail, yard, or the like directly above the fore-topmast.
fore-topmast the spar or part of a mast serving as the topmast of a vessel's foremost mast.
fore-topsail a sail hung from the fore-topmast, above the topsail.
forever for an infinite amount of time; eternally. [2 definitions]
forevermore for all time to come; forever.
forewarn to give advance warning to.
forewing either of the forward wings of an insect having four wings; anterior wing.
foreword a preliminary statement or introduction to a written text, such as a book; preface.
for example as an example or examples.
forfeit something demanded or given up as a penalty for neglect, misdeeds, or other failure to act as required by law, contract, or rules. [6 definitions]