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forepart the front, first, or earliest part.
forepaw the paw of an animal's front leg.
foreplay mutual sexual stimulation before intercourse.
forequarter the front end of one side of a four-footed animal, esp. of a side of meat.
forerun to go or come before or in front of; precede. [2 definitions]
forerunner one that came before; ancestor; predecessor; precursor. [2 definitions]
foresail the principal sail hung on the forward mast or stay, such as the lowermost square sail on a square-rigged ship, or the jib on a cutter.
foresaw past tense of "foresee."
foresee to know or realize beforehand; predict or expect. [2 definitions]
foreseeable combined form of foresee.
foreseen past participle of "foresee."
foreshadow to signal or indicate beforehand; presage; prefigure.
foreshank an animal's upper foreleg and shoulder. [2 definitions]
foresheet one of the ropes or chains used to trim any sail set on or before a foremast. [2 definitions]
foreshock a minor earthquake that precedes a major one at the same place.
foreshore the ground between a body of water and land built upon or cultivated. [2 definitions]
foreshorten to distort, or shorten the lines of the long axis of (a visual image) in order to create the illusion of depth and perspective. [2 definitions]
foreshow to indicate or show beforehand; prefigure.
foresight concern and provision for future needs and eventualities; prudence. [2 definitions]
foreskin the loose fold of skin that covers the end of the penis; prepuce.
forest a large area of land densely covered with trees and other plants. [3 definitions]