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forge2 to move ahead gradually but with determination. [2 definitions]
forger one who forges checks, documents, or the like. [3 definitions]
forgery the act of forging, esp. something fraudulently imitated. [2 definitions]
forget to fail or lose the ability to recall. [10 definitions]
forgetful tending to forget. [2 definitions]
forget-me-not any of several low-growing plants with clusters of small, blue flowers, considered to be a token of constancy in friendship or love.
forget oneself to fail to act in a conventional, dignified, or self-controlled manner.
forgive to excuse or pardon (an offense or offender). [4 definitions]
forgiven past participle of forgive.
forgiveness the act of forgiving. [3 definitions]
forgiving tending to or likely to forgive. [2 definitions]
forgo to do without, refrain from, or give up.
for good forever; permanently.
for good measure as an additional thing; as an extra.
forgot past tense and a past participle of forget.
forgotten a past participle of forget.
for hire available for service or use in return for a fee.
for instance as an example; for example.
forint the chief monetary unit of Hungary, equaling one hundred fillér.
fork an implement with two or more prongs or tines, used to spear, dig, lift, or carry, esp. the one used for eating. [6 definitions]
forkball in baseball, a fastball that curves as it nears the plate, thrown with the middle and index fingers spread apart.