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fork up (informal) to hand over, with some degree of reluctance.
forlorn desolate or unhappy, as from abandonment or weariness. [3 definitions]
-form having the shape or form of; resembling.
form structure or shape, as opposed to substance. [16 definitions]
formable combined form of form.
formal adhering to regulations or an officially recognized manner of operating; proper, legal, or official. [9 definitions]
formaldehyde a colorless, water-soluble gas of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen, with a strong, irritating odor, used in the manufacture of various resins, dyes, and plastics and as a disinfectant and embalming agent.
formal education learning administered through schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions.
formalism rigorous adherence to or observance of traditional forms, as in religious practice or artistic expression.
formality compliance with rules and customs. [5 definitions]
formalize to make proper, legal, or official. [2 definitions]
formally in a formal way. [2 definitions]
format the way in which something is arranged or organized. [5 definitions]
formation the act of forming or the state of being formed. [4 definitions]
formative providing or capable of providing form or shape. [2 definitions]
form class a class of words or word elements that share certain grammatical features and therefore function similarly in a language, such as the class of words called adjectives.
former1 occurring in or pertaining to the past; previous. [4 definitions]
former2 one that forms.
formerly in the past; in a preceding time.
formfitting of clothing, designed to follow the body's contours; close-fitting.
formic of or pertaining to ants. [2 definitions]