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fort a fortified building or position used by military troops for protection and defense. [2 definitions]
forte1 a strong or exceptional point, such as a talent or skill. [2 definitions]
forte2 in music, loud and forceful. [3 definitions]
fortepiano an eighteenth-century version of the pianoforte, having a smaller keyboard and more delicate sound.
forte-piano loud and then immediately soft (used as a musical direction).
forth forward or onward in time or space. [3 definitions]
forthcoming about to appear or happen. [4 definitions]
for the most part to a large degree; usually.
for the present at least at this moment, though perhaps not afterwards.
for the time being just for now; for a short time only.
forthright outspoken and to the point. [2 definitions]
forthwith without delay or hesitation; immediately.
fortieth indicating rank or position between thirty-ninth and forty-first. [3 definitions]
fortification a fortified place or defensive structure, such as a castle or fort. [3 definitions]
fortify to provide with fortifications, as against military attack. [5 definitions]
fortissimo in music, very loud. [3 definitions]
fortitude strength, endurance, and patience in the face of adversity or temptation.
fortnight fourteen nights and days; two weeks.
fortnightly occurring or appearing every two weeks. [3 definitions]
FORTRAN a computer language using mathematical notation and used in scientific problems (acronym for "formula translation").
fortress a large, fortified building or area, often encompassing a town or settlement.