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found1 past tense and past participle of find.
found2 to set up or create; establish. [3 definitions]
found3 to melt and pour (metal or glass) into a mold. [2 definitions]
foundation the base or basis of something such as a process, substance, structure, or opinion. [4 definitions]
foundationless combined form of foundation.
founder1 a person who originates or establishes something.
founder2 of a ship or boat, to sink after filling up with water. [5 definitions]
founder3 one who founds metal or glass.
founding father (often cap.) one of the delegates to the U.S. Constitutional Convention in 1787. [2 definitions]
foundling a child or infant abandoned by unidentified parents and found by someone else.
found object any object picked up by chance and treated as a piece of art.
foundry an establishment where metal is founded. [2 definitions]
fount a source of water, such as a spring; fountain. [2 definitions]
fountain a spring or head of a stream. [5 definitions]
fountainhead a spring in which a stream has its origin. [2 definitions]
Fountain of Youth a mythical spring believed to give youth and health to anyone who drinks from it.
fountain pen a pen in which ink is drawn into a pointed nib at one end from a reservoir or cartridge inside.
four the number represented by the Arabic numeral 4 and the Roman numeral IV. [3 definitions]
four flush in stud poker, a hand containing four visible cards of one suit.
four-flush in stud poker, to bluff that one has a true flush of five cards on the basis of holding four visible cards of the same suit. [2 definitions]
four-flusher (informal) one without the means to deliver on a promise; one whose position is weak, but who nonetheless presents it as strong; bluffer.