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foxed stained or discolored with yellowish brown spots from dampness or age, as book pages or prints.
foxfire a phosphorescent glow from organic matter, esp. from certain fungi that grow on rotting wood. [2 definitions]
foxglove any of several plants related to the snapdragon that bear tubular purple, white, or pinkish flowers drooping from upright stalks and have leaves that provide digitalis for medicinal use.
fox grape a wild vine of the eastern United States, having leaves whose undersides are covered with wooly hairs and bearing purplish black grapes.
foxhole a shallow pit dug to provide a quick, temporary shelter from enemy fire for one or two soldiers.
foxhound any one of several breeds of medium-sized short-haired hounds often trained to hunt foxes.
fox hunt a sport in which hunters on horseback follow dogs in pursuit of a fox. [2 definitions]
fox snake a harmless rat snake, having a yellowish color with dark patches on the back.
fox squirrel any of several large tree squirrels, varying in color, that are found in the eastern part of the United States.
foxtail the tail of a fox. [2 definitions]
fox terrier one of two breeds of English terriers with long lean heads, formerly trained to drive foxes from their holes.
fox trot a ballroom dance in four-four time, consisting of a variety of short and long steps. [2 definitions]
fox-trot to dance a fox trot.
foxy of or like a fox, as in cunning. [3 definitions]
foyer a lobby, esp. of a theater or hotel; anteroom. [2 definitions]
FPO abbreviation of "fleet post office."
fps abbreviation of "foot-pound-second," or "foot-pound-seconds," of, designating, or pertaining to the system of measurement in which the foot, pound, and second are the basic units of length, mass, and time.
Fr symbol of the chemical element francium.
Fr. abbreviation of "Frater" (Latin); brother (used in a proper name, esp. in connection with a religious fraternal order).
Fra a title for an Italian monk or friar in the Roman Catholic Church; brother.
fracas a noisy disturbance or quarrel.