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fractious inclined to be irritable and quarrelsome; cranky. [2 definitions]
fracture the act of breaking or the state of being broken, esp. a bone. [7 definitions]
fractus a kind of ragged cumulus or stratus cloud.
fragile easily damaged; delicate. [2 definitions]
fragility the condition of being delicate and easily broken.
fragment a broken off or incomplete part. [3 definitions]
fragmental fragmentary.
fragmentary consisting of fragments; incomplete or disconnected.
fragmentation the act or process of breaking into fragments. [2 definitions]
fragmentation bomb a bomb that scatters shell fragments over a large area when it explodes.
fragmented broken up into fragments. [2 definitions]
fragrance the state of being fragrant. [2 definitions]
fragrant having a pleasant smell; aromatic.
frail1 weak or sickly. [4 definitions]
frail2 a basket made of dried rushes and used esp. for holding dried fruits.
frailty the quality or state of being frail; weakness. [2 definitions]
framboise raspberry liqueur.
frame a supporting structure made of parts that are joined together. [9 definitions]
frameable combined form of frame.
frame of reference any set of concepts or standards within which facts or ideas are related.
framer one who frames. [2 definitions]