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framing the act of supplying with a framework. [2 definitions]
franc the chief monetary unit of several countries, including Switzerland, Chad, Niger, and Rwanda, equaling one hundred centimes. [2 definitions]
France a West European country between Spain and Belgium, and the Atlantic and Mediterranean.
franchise a right or privilege conferred by a government, esp. the right to vote or the rights and powers of incorporation. [5 definitions]
franchisee one to whom a franchise has been granted.
franchiser one that grants a franchise.
Franciscan of or pertaining to one of the Roman Catholic orders founded by St. Francis of Assisi in 1209. [2 definitions]
francium a highly radioactive chemical element of the alkali metal group that has eighty-seven protons in each nucleus. (symbol: Fr)
Franco- French.
francolin any of various African and Asian partridges.
Francophile one who is a great admirer of France and of most things that are French.
Francophobe one who dislikes or fears France, its people or customs, or the like.
frangible easy to break; breakable; fragile.
frangipani a tropical American shrub or tree that bears large and very fragrant flowers. [3 definitions]
frank1 sincere and straightforward. [7 definitions]
frank2 (informal) frankfurter; hot dog.
Frankenfood (slang) genetically modified food.
Frankenstein the title character of Mary W. Shelley's early nineteenth-century novel, who creates a monster that destroys him. [3 definitions]
Frankfort the capital of Kentucky.
frankfurter a thin smoked sausage, usu. made from beef or a mixture of beef and pork.
frankincense a sweet-smelling gum resin obtained from various Asian and African trees and used mainly in incense.