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free school a school that is an alternative to the traditional public and private schools, with a flexible approach to teaching.
freesia a southern African plant of the iris family that bears clusters of fragrant funnel-shaped flowers.
Free-Soil of or pertaining to the Free-Soil party of the nineteenth century which opposed the extension of slavery into the territories acquired by the United States.
free-spoken given to speaking freely and candidly; outspoken.
freest superlative of "free."
freestanding standing alone; not attached to or supported by other objects or members, as a sculpture or structure.
freestone any stone soft enough to be cut in any direction without crumbling or splitting, such as limestone or sandstone. [3 definitions]
freestyle a competitive swimming event in which the swimmers can use any stroke. [3 definitions]
freethinker one who is not bound by authority or dogma, esp. in religious matters.
free throw in basketball, an unhindered shot at the basket from the foul line; foul shot.
Freetown the capital of Sierra Leone.
free trade trade between countries that is free of import-export quotas, duties, or other governmental restrictions.
free university an organization, often organized by students, that offers nontraditional courses and approaches to subjects not offered at established universities.
free verse poetry in which there are no regular rhymes, stanzaic forms, or metrical patterns.
freeware software given away at no charge by its author but remaining under the author's copyright.
freeway a highway with limited access and no tolls; expressway.
free weights strength-building weights, such as barbells and dumbbells, that a person lifts directly rather than by means of an exercise machine that incorporates them.
freewheel a device in the rear hub of a bicycle that lets the rear wheel continue turning after the pedals are stopped. [4 definitions]
freewheeling pertaining to, working like, or equipped with a device that disengages the driving mechanism, as on the rear wheel of a bicycle or in the clutch of an automobile. [2 definitions]
freewill done by one's own will; voluntary. [2 definitions]
free will the ability to choose or decide voluntarily. [2 definitions]