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frequent happening often or at close intervals. [3 definitions]
frequently numerous times; often.
frère (French) brother. [2 definitions]
fresco the art of painting on wet plaster with colors dissolved in water or limewater, or a picture produced by this method. [2 definitions]
fresh newly made, gained, or experienced. [11 definitions]
freshen to cause to be fresh; renew. [4 definitions]
freshen up to make oneself feel more comfortable or attractive, as by washing the face, combing the hair, or the like.
freshet a sudden rise or overflow of a stream, because of heavy rain or a sudden thaw. [2 definitions]
freshly newly or recently made or done.
freshman a first-year student at a high school, college, or university. [4 definitions]
freshwater consisting of or pertaining to water that is not salty. [3 definitions]
fresh water water that is not salty.
Fresnel lens a thin and relatively flat optical lens made of many stepped concentric rings, and having the properties of a thicker, more concave lens.
Fresnel mirrors two mirrors joined together at an angle slightly less than 180 degrees, so that a beam of light falling on them is reflected in different directions, producing interference fringes where the reflected light overlaps.
fret1 to feel or express worry, concern, or annoyance. [8 definitions]
fret2 an interlaced, angular design used as decoration, esp. as cut out of wood with a fret saw; fretwork. [3 definitions]
fret3 one of the ridges set across the fingerboard of a stringed instrument, such as a guitar or lute, that is played by hand. [2 definitions]
fretful inclined to worry anxiously, or to be irritable.
fret saw a fine-toothed saw with a narrow blade set in a U-shaped frame, used to cut ornamental patterns in wood and other materials.
fretwork ornamental openwork composed of interlacing bars in a repeated, geometric pattern.
Freudian of or relating to Freud or to his psychoanalytic theories or practices. [2 definitions]