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fret3 one of the ridges set across the fingerboard of a stringed instrument, such as a guitar or lute, that is played by hand. [2 definitions]
fretful inclined to worry anxiously, or to be irritable.
fret saw a fine-toothed saw with a narrow blade set in a U-shaped frame, used to cut ornamental patterns in wood and other materials.
fretwork ornamental openwork composed of interlacing bars in a repeated, geometric pattern.
Freudian of or relating to Freud or to his psychoanalytic theories or practices. [2 definitions]
Freudian slip a mistake in speech that is thought to reveal unconscious motives, wishes, or the like.
FRG abbreviation of "Federal Republic of Germany," from 1949 to 1990, a central European country, formerly also known as West Germany, located between France and East Germany, now part of reunited Germany.
Fri. abbreviation of "Friday," the sixth day of the week, occurring between Thursday and Saturday.
friable easy to crumble, break, or reduce to powder; crumbly, as certain rocks.
friar a member of a male Roman Catholic religious order, esp. the Franciscan and Dominican mendicant orders; monk.
friar's lantern an elusive light that hovers over marshes at night; ignis fatuus.
friary a monastery or brotherhood of friars.
fricandeau a veal loin that has been larded and braised or roasted.
fricassee lightly browned poultry or meat that is stewed and served in gravy. [2 definitions]
fricative in phonetics, pronounced with a rush of air through a narrow slit or passage formed within the mouth. [2 definitions]
friction the rubbing of surfaces against each other. [3 definitions]
frictional of, pertaining to, or caused by friction.
friction clutch a clutch in which the coaxial shafts are engaged through frictional contact.
frictionless combined form of friction.
friction match a match that lights by friction or rubbing.
friction tape a sturdy cloth or plastic adhesive tape that is moisture-resistant and is used esp. to insulate electrical wires.