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Fridays on Fridays; each Friday; every Friday.
fridge (informal) a refrigerator, a device for storing things at cold temperatures, esp. food.
fried cooked in oil, butter, or some other fat. [2 definitions]
friedcake a small cake, such as a doughnut or cruller, cooked in deep fat.
Friedrich Engels a German political theorist and writer (b.1820--d.1895).
friend one closely attached to another by affection and esteem. [5 definitions]
friendless combined form of friend.
friendly sociable and lacking hostility. [5 definitions]
friendship the state or condition of being friends. [2 definitions]
frier variant of fryer.
fries shortened form of "French fries."
frieze in architecture, an ornamental band with lettering, design, or sculpture, as above the columns in a classic temple, between the architrave and the cornice, or around the top of a room or building.
frigate a fast, medium-sized, armed sailing vessel used in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. [2 definitions]
frigate bird any of various large tropical seabirds with a hooked beak and esp. long wings, that typically grabs prey away from other birds in flight.
fright sudden or intense fear caused by immediate or unexpected danger. [2 definitions]
frighten to make fearful or terrified. [2 definitions]
frightened seized with fear. [2 definitions]
frightening causing or capable of causing fright or anxiety; scary; fearsome.
frightful terrible or frightening. [2 definitions]
frigid extremely cold; freezing. [3 definitions]
Frigid Zone either of two polar areas of the earth, north of the Arctic Circle, or south of the Antarctic Circle.