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friendless combined form of friend.
friendly sociable and lacking hostility. [5 definitions]
friendship the state or condition of being friends. [2 definitions]
frier variant of fryer.
fries shortened form of "French fries."
frieze in architecture, an ornamental band with lettering, design, or sculpture, as above the columns in a classic temple, between the architrave and the cornice, or around the top of a room or building.
frigate a fast, medium-sized, armed sailing vessel used in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. [2 definitions]
frigate bird any of various large tropical seabirds with a hooked beak and esp. long wings, that typically grabs prey away from other birds in flight.
fright sudden or intense fear caused by immediate or unexpected danger. [2 definitions]
frighten to make fearful or terrified. [2 definitions]
frightened seized with fear. [2 definitions]
frightening causing or capable of causing fright or anxiety; scary; fearsome.
frightful terrible or frightening. [2 definitions]
frigid extremely cold; freezing. [3 definitions]
Frigid Zone either of two polar areas of the earth, north of the Arctic Circle, or south of the Antarctic Circle.
frijol any of numerous beans, esp. the kidney bean, used for food in the southwestern United States or Mexico. [2 definitions]
frill an ornamental gathered or pleated trimming, esp. on the edge of a garment. [4 definitions]
fringe an ornamental edging of hanging threads, yarn, strips of leather or the like, as on clothing or drapes. [5 definitions]
fringe benefit a benefit, such as health insurance or a pension, given to an employee in addition to wages or salary.
fringed gentian a plant found in the northern United States and Canada, bearing blue flowers with fringed petals.
fringed polygala a perennial plant found in eastern North America, bearing reddish purple flowers with a fringed lower lip.