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froe a cleaving tool with the blade set at right angles to the handle.
frog1 any of several amphibians without tails but with long hind legs adapted for jumping, esp. those with a smooth, moist skin and webbed feet, that live in marshy or watery habitats. [4 definitions]
frog2 a decorative fastener, as on a coat or jacket, with a button or knot on one side of the opening and a loop on the other side, usu. made of braid or cord.
froggy of or resembling a frog. [2 definitions]
frog kick in swimming, a kick in which the legs are drawn up, forcefully extended back and to the sides, then brought together.
frogman a swimmer equipped to work underwater, esp. one engaged in demolition of enemy ships in wartime.
frog spit cuckoo spit. [2 definitions]
frolic merriment or fun. [3 definitions]
frolicsome full of high spirits, gaiety, or merriment; playful.
from used to indicate a starting point in place or time. [5 definitions]
from A to Z from beginning to end; completely; thoroughly.
from now on from the present moment and forever into the future.
from rags to riches from a state of poverty to a state of wealth and comfort.
from scratch from the very beginning. [2 definitions]
from stem to stern from one end to the other; throughout the whole.
from the housetops far and wide; publicly.
from time to time occasionally; sometimes but not frequently.
frond a long, finely divided leaf, as of a fern or certain palms.
front the most forward part or side of something, such as a building. [13 definitions]
frontage the linear extent of land next to a street, road, river, lake, or the like. [2 definitions]
frontal of, related to, or located at the front. [2 definitions]