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frou-frou the rustling sound of a fabric or clothing, such as a silk dress. [2 definitions]
froward unwilling to agree or obey; stubborn; perverse.
frown to wrinkle or contract the forehead, as in anger, displeasure, or perplexity. [5 definitions]
frowzy having a slovenly, dirty appearance. [2 definitions]
froze past tense of freeze.
frozen past participle of freeze. [6 definitions]
frozen custard a food similar to ice cream but made with skim milk and having a softer smoother texture.
fructiferous producing fruit.
fructify to produce fruit. [2 definitions]
fructose a very sweet sugar found in honey and fruit, used for intravenous feeding and to preserve foods.
frugal very careful with spending so as to avoid waste. [2 definitions]
frugality prudent or sparing use of resources, especially money.
fruit an edible plant product that has seeds and flesh, such as apple, banana, or strawberry. [4 definitions]
fruitage the process, period, or characteristic of bearing fruit. [3 definitions]
fruit bat any of various tropical fruit-eating bats such as the flying fox.
fruitcake a dense, sweet, usu. moist cake containing dried and candied fruit and sometimes nuts. [2 definitions]
fruit cocktail a mixture of diced fruit, sometimes in a light syrup, served as an appetizer or dessert.
fruit fly any of numerous small flies whose larvae feed on ripe fruits and vegetables.
fruitful producing fruit in large quantities. [3 definitions]
fruition the realization of something desired, usually through effort. [2 definitions]
fruitless unsuccessful; unproductive. [2 definitions]