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fruitcake a dense, sweet, usu. moist cake containing dried and candied fruit and sometimes nuts. [2 definitions]
fruit cocktail a mixture of diced fruit, sometimes in a light syrup, served as an appetizer or dessert.
fruit fly any of numerous small flies whose larvae feed on ripe fruits and vegetables.
fruitful producing fruit in large quantities. [3 definitions]
fruition the realization of something desired, usually through effort. [2 definitions]
fruitless unsuccessful; unproductive. [2 definitions]
fruit sugar fructose.
fruit tree a tree that produces edible fruit.
fruitwood the wood of any of various fruit trees, such as cherry, used in making furniture, cabinets, and the like.
fruity resembling a fruit in taste and smell.
frump a girl or woman who is dull, plain, or unattractive and dresses drably or unfashionably.
frumpy drab, unfashionable, or plain in appearance, dress, or manner. [2 definitions]
frustrate to hinder or prevent (someone) from doing something. [4 definitions]
frustrated feeling angry or upset at one's own powerlessness, at one's inability to resolve issues or accomplish what one desires or needs. [3 definitions]
frustrating causing distress and impatience by being persistently difficult.
frustration the act of frustrating, or the thing that frustrates. [2 definitions]
frustum the bottom part of a cone that remains after the top portion is cut off with a plane parallel to the base. [2 definitions]
frwy. abbreviation of "freeway," a highway with limited access and no tolls; expressway.
fry1 to cook in hot butter, oil, or other fat. [7 definitions]
fry2 very young fish. [3 definitions]
fryer one that fries, esp. a pan for frying food in deep fat. [2 definitions]