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Funafuti the capital of Tuvalu.
funambulist a person who performs or walks on a tightrope.
function the purpose or role that an object or person fulfills or is suited for, or a typical action or activity carried out in fulfillment of a role. [5 definitions]
functional of or relating to a function or functions. [3 definitions]
functional illiterate a person who does not read well enough to function properly in a given situation or job.
functionalism the idea that the function of an object should determine its structure or design. [3 definitions]
functionality capability, esp. the specific operations that a software program, computer, or other electronic device is able to carry out.
functional shift a temporary or permanent change in the grammatical function of a word, such as the use of the noun "fax" as a verb in "We'll fax it to you".
functionary a person having specific duties in an organization; official; bureaucrat.
functionless combined form of function.
function word a word such as an article, conjunction, or preposition that indicates grammatical structure or relationships but has little or no independent meaning.
fund a supply of money or other resources that is collected and held for a particular purpose. [5 definitions]
fundament the geographic features of a region, such as elevation, climate, soils, and the like. [2 definitions]
fundamental serving as a foundation; basic; central. [4 definitions]
fundamentalism (sometimes cap.) a movement within Protestant Christianity that accepts the literal truth of the Bible and encourages strict adherence to narrow moral and cultural norms.
fundamentally in central or important ways.
fundamental particle an elementary particle.
funding the act or process of collecting and supplying money needed for a particular purpose or group, or the money that is supplied.
fund-raiser one who appeals for donations or contributions for a particular cause, such as aiding a charity or political campaign. [2 definitions]
fund-raising the action or occupation of seeking donated funds for charitable groups, political candidates, and the like.
fundus in anatomy, the base of an organ or the part of the organ farthest from its opening.