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fuselage the body of an airplane, to which the engines, wings, and tail are attached and within which the passengers, crew, and cargo are contained.
fusel oil a colorless poisonous liquid made of amyl alcohols, used as a solvent for fats, oils, and waxes, and in the manufacture of explosives.
fusible capable of being easily melted or fused.
fusiform rounded and tapering from the middle toward each end.
fusil a light flintlock musket.
fusilier a soldier armed with a fusil.
fusillade a continuous or simultaneous discharge of many firearms. [3 definitions]
fusion the process or act of fusing. [4 definitions]
fusion bomb see "hydrogen bomb."
fusionism the practice or theory of forming coalitions of political parties.
fuss excessive nervous activity or needless attention. [5 definitions]
fussbudget (informal) one who is excessively worried or tends to find fault over trivial details.
fussy tending to fuss. [3 definitions]
fustian a thick fabric of cotton, cotton and flax, or cotton and wool, with a short pile. [5 definitions]
fusty full of or smelling like mold or mildew. [2 definitions]
fut. abbreviation of "future."
futile unlikely to produce or incapable of producing a desired result; ineffective; useless. [2 definitions]
futility the state or quality of being futile; uselessness. [2 definitions]
futon a very thick, but foldable mattress, generally stuffed with cotton batting, used for sleeping or as sofa cushioning.
futtock one of the segments of the curved wooden ribs in the hull of a ship.
future time that is yet to come. [7 definitions]