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g3 abbreviation of "gravity," or "gravities," the force by which a planet or other such body tends to draw objects toward its center.
Ga symbol of the chemical element gallium.
GA abbreviation of "Georgia," a southeastern U.S. state on the Atlantic coast between South Carolina and Florida.
ga. abbreviation of "gauge," a standard of measuring, as for the distance between railroad tracks, the thickness of wire, or the inner diameter of shotgun barrels.
gab (informal) to talk idly or at length about something unimportant. [2 definitions]
gabardine a sturdy fabric of rayon, cotton, or wool twill.
gabble to speak rapidly and unclearly; jabber; babble. [5 definitions]
gabby (informal) tending to talk too much or too long; talkative.
gaberdine a long, loose, coarsely woven coat worn by Jewish men in the Middle Ages. [2 definitions]
gabfest (informal) a gathering for the purpose of talking and exchanging gossip.
gabion a round wicker basket filled with stones or earth, used in building fortifications. [2 definitions]
gable the upper triangular section of an outer building wall, formed by two sloping roof sections. [2 definitions]
gabled having a gable; built with gables.
gable roof a roof with two surfaces that slope down and out from a ridge to form a gable at each end.
Gabon a country in west central Africa, on the Atlantic coast between Cameroon and Congo.
Gaborone the capital of Botswana.
Gabriel according to the Bible, an angel regarded as a messenger of God and the bearer of good news, who in later writings is referred to as an archangel.
gad1 to roam aimlessly or restlessly from place to place.
gad2 a long stick or prod used for driving cattle; goad. [3 definitions]
gadabout a person who roams from place to place, often seeking gossip or amusement.
gadfly any of various flies, such as the horsefly or botfly, that bite and pester livestock. [3 definitions]