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gab (informal) to talk idly or at length about something unimportant. [2 definitions]
gabardine a sturdy fabric of rayon, cotton, or wool twill.
gabble to speak rapidly and unclearly; jabber; babble. [5 definitions]
gabby (informal) tending to talk too much or too long; talkative.
gaberdine a long, loose, coarsely woven coat worn by Jewish men in the Middle Ages. [2 definitions]
gabfest (informal) a gathering for the purpose of talking and exchanging gossip.
gabion a round wicker basket filled with stones or earth, used in building fortifications. [2 definitions]
gable the upper triangular section of an outer building wall, formed by two sloping roof sections. [2 definitions]
gabled having a gable; built with gables.
gable roof a roof with two surfaces that slope down and out from a ridge to form a gable at each end.
Gabon a country in west central Africa, on the Atlantic coast between Cameroon and Congo.
Gaborone the capital of Botswana.
Gabriel according to the Bible, an angel regarded as a messenger of God and the bearer of good news, who in later writings is referred to as an archangel.
gad1 to roam aimlessly or restlessly from place to place.
gad2 a long stick or prod used for driving cattle; goad. [3 definitions]
gadabout a person who roams from place to place, often seeking gossip or amusement.
gadfly any of various flies, such as the horsefly or botfly, that bite and pester livestock. [3 definitions]
gadget a small mechanical or electronic device, esp. an unusual or ingenious one.
gadgeteer one who designs and builds or who enjoys using gadgets.
gadgetry gadgets, collectively.
gadolinium a metal chemical element of the rare-earth group that has sixty-four protons in each nucleus. (symbol: Gd)