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galactic noise radio waves originating from within the Milky Way.
galactorrhea the abnormal or excessive flow of milk from a breast.
galactose a simple sugar that is a component of lactose.
Galahad in Arthurian legend, the noblest of knights, who gained the Holy Grail. [2 definitions]
galangal a plant of the ginger family with aromatic roots used in medicine and flavoring, or its roots. [2 definitions]
galantine a white meat, boned and stuffed, cooked, chilled, and served in aspic.
galanty show a shadow play performed by throwing the shadows of puppets on a screen or wall.
Galápagos Islands a group of Ecuadorian islands in the Pacific Ocean about 1,000 miles off the west coast of South America, known for their large number of endemic species and their pivotal role in Charles Darwin's research.
Galápagos penguin any of a family of penguins endemic to the Galápagos Islands.
Galápagos red bat any of a family of red bats endemic to the Galápagos Islands.
Galatea in Greek and Roman mythology, a statue of a woman brought to life by Aphrodite because Pygmalion, who made the statue, fell in love with it.
galatea a sturdy cotton cloth, either striped or solid, used for children's clothing or the like.
Galatians a book of the New Testament, consisting of a letter written by the apostle Paulto the Christians of Galatia.
galaxy a system of billions of stars and other matter held relatively close to each other by gravity and separated from other such systems by vast distances. [3 definitions]
galbanum a bad-smelling gum resin, obtained from various Asian plants of the umbel family.
gale a strong wind, esp. one of about thirty to sixty miles per hour. [2 definitions]
galena a grayish mineral consisting mainly of lead sulfide and constituting the chief ore of lead.
Galileo Galilei an Italian astronomer and physicist (b.1564--d.1642).
galiot a small, swift galley propelled by sails and oars, formerly used on the Mediterranean Sea. [2 definitions]
gall1 something bitter to experience. [4 definitions]
gall2 to damage or make sore by rubbing or chafing. [5 definitions]