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gatefold in a book or magazine, an oversize page folded to fit the format and so bound that it can be opened out for viewing.
gatehouse a house built next to or over a gate, often used as a keeper's lodging. [2 definitions]
gatekeeper a person who supervises the passage of traffic through a gate.
gate-leg table a table with gatelike leg units that swing out from the frame to support hinged leaves.
gatepost an upright post on which a gate is hung by hinges or to which it is attached when closed.
gateway an opening or passageway that may be closed by means of a gate. [2 definitions]
gather to bring together into one place or assembly. [12 definitions]
gathering anything that is gathered or collected. [4 definitions]
Gatling gun an early machine gun with a revolving cluster of barrels, each of which was automatically loaded and fired when the cluster was rotated.
GATT abbreviation of "General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade."
gauche deficient in manners or other conventions of social behavior; boorish; crude.
gaucherie an act, behavior, or expression that is gauche. [2 definitions]
gaucho a South American cowboy, esp. one from Argentina.
gaud a cheap, flashy ornament.
gaudy tastelessly or excessively ornamented or colored; flashy; garish.
gauge to make an estimate of or a judgment concerning; judge. [7 definitions]
Gaul an ancient region of Europe, now comprising France and parts of surrounding countries, or a comparable sector of the ancient Roman Empire. [2 definitions]
Gauleiter a leader in control of a Nazi district during World War II. [2 definitions]
gaunt exceptionally thin and bony. [2 definitions]
gauntlet1 a metal glove worn as part of a suit of armor. [2 definitions]
gauntlet2 a form of punishment or humiliation, used esp. in former times by the military, in which two rows of people beat someone who is forced to run between them. [3 definitions]