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GED abbreviation of "general equivalency diploma."
gee1 turn right! (used in directing a horse or work animal). (Cf. haw3.) [2 definitions]
gee2 used as a mild exclamation of wonder or surprise.
geek a person who is considered to be socially different or awkward, esp. because of being overly intellectual. [3 definitions]
geeky characteristic of or resembling a geek.
geese pl. of goose.
gee up go faster! (used in directing a horse or work animal).
gee whiz used to express surprise, objection, or the like.
gefilte fish chopped fish mixed with egg, meal, and seasoning, boiled, and served chilled, often as balls.
Geiger counter an instrument that detects radiation by means of a gas that ionizes when in the presence of radioactive emanations, and that also measures it by a device that counts the electrical pulses emitted by the ionized gas.
geisha a Japanese woman who is trained as a dancer, musician, and conversationalist, and who is paid to entertain and provide companionship for men.
gel a non-separating chemical mixture that resembles jelly. (See colloid.) [3 definitions]
gelable combined form of gel.
gelati an Italian frozen dessert made of milk, sugar, gelatin, and flavoring.
gelatin an animal protein that is used in glue, on film, and in making edible gels from liquids, such as jellies or aspics. [3 definitions]
gelatinize to make or change into gelatin or jelly. [3 definitions]
gelatinous like jelly or gelatin, esp. in consistency. [2 definitions]
geld to remove the testicles of (a horse or other animal); castrate.
gelding a castrated male horse.
gelid exceptionally cold or icy.
gelignite a blasting explosive containing nitroglycerin, nitrocellulose, and the like; gelatin dynamite.