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geisha a Japanese woman who is trained as a dancer, musician, and conversationalist, and who is paid to entertain and provide companionship for men.
gel a non-separating chemical mixture that resembles jelly. (See colloid.) [3 definitions]
gelable combined form of gel.
gelati an Italian frozen dessert made of milk, sugar, gelatin, and flavoring.
gelatin an animal protein that is used in glue, on film, and in making edible gels from liquids, such as jellies or aspics. [3 definitions]
gelatinize to make or change into gelatin or jelly. [3 definitions]
gelatinous like jelly or gelatin, esp. in consistency. [2 definitions]
geld to remove the testicles of (a horse or other animal); castrate.
gelding a castrated male horse.
gelid exceptionally cold or icy.
gelignite a blasting explosive containing nitroglycerin, nitrocellulose, and the like; gelatin dynamite.
gem a precious stone that has been cut and polished; jewel. [4 definitions]
Gemara the second part of the Talmud that contains an expansion of and comments on the Mishnah.
geminate to exist as, arrange, or form into a pair; double. [2 definitions]
Gemini a spring zodiacal constellation located between Taurus and Cancer and containing two bright stars, Castor and Pollux; Twins. [3 definitions]
gemma in biology, a group of cells or a bud that separates from its parent to develop into a new individual.
gemmate having, or reproducing by, gemmae. [2 definitions]
gemmule in biology, a bud or small gemma capable of developing into a new individual.
gemology the science of gems.
gemsbok a large antelope of southern Africa that has long straight horns and a tufted tail.
gemstone a precious stone fine enough to cut and polish for jewelry.