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gelatinous like jelly or gelatin, esp. in consistency. [2 definitions]
geld to remove the testicles of (a horse or other animal); castrate.
gelding a castrated male horse.
gelid exceptionally cold or icy.
gelignite a blasting explosive containing nitroglycerin, nitrocellulose, and the like; gelatin dynamite.
gem a precious stone that has been cut and polished; jewel. [4 definitions]
Gemara the second part of the Talmud that contains an expansion of and comments on the Mishnah.
geminate to exist as, arrange, or form into a pair; double. [2 definitions]
Gemini a spring zodiacal constellation located between Taurus and Cancer and containing two bright stars, Castor and Pollux; Twins. [3 definitions]
gemma in biology, a group of cells or a bud that separates from its parent to develop into a new individual.
gemmate having, or reproducing by, gemmae. [2 definitions]
gemmule in biology, a bud or small gemma capable of developing into a new individual.
gemology the science of gems.
gemsbok a large antelope of southern Africa that has long straight horns and a tufted tail.
gemstone a precious stone fine enough to cut and polish for jewelry.
gemütlich (German) agreeable; cordial; congenial.
gemütlichkeit (German) friendliness; cordiality; agreeableness.
-gen producer, or production. [2 definitions]
Gen. abbreviation of "General," an officer of high military rank in the U.S. and other armed forces.
gendarme a police officer, esp. in France. [2 definitions]
gendarmerie gendarmes collectively, or a body thereof.