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gender gap a difference between the attitudes or values of men and women as evidenced in voting patterns, public opinion polls, and the like.
genderless combined form of gender.
gender-specific linked to or determined by sex.
gene a section of a chromosome that determines the structure of a single protein or part of one, thereby influencing a particular hereditary characteristic, such as eye color, or a particular biochemical reaction.
genealogy a chart or record showing the ancestors and lines of hereditary descent of a person or group; family tree. [2 definitions]
gene pool the total of all the hereditary characteristics on which a single species draws.
genera a plural form of genus.
general relating to or characteristic of all or most of some thing or group; not referring to, connected with, or limited to any one particular thing. [5 definitions]
general admission a class of admission fee, usu. for open seating or seats not in the reserved sections, as in a theater.
general assembly in some U.S. states, the state legislature. [3 definitions]
General Court the state legislature of Massachusetts or New Hampshire. [2 definitions]
generalcy the rank, office, or authority of a general.
general delivery mail held at the post office for pickup. [2 definitions]
general election a final election on the national, state, or local level to select one candidate from among those previously nominated in a primary election, at a party convention, or by some other procedure. [2 definitions]
generalissimo in some countries, a general who commands all the armed forces.
generalist a person having knowledge, skills, or interest in a number of different fields.
generality an indefinite or unspecific statement. [3 definitions]
generalization the act of generalizing. [2 definitions]
generalize to infer (a general principle or idea) from specific facts. [5 definitions]
generally for the most part. [3 definitions]
general officer any military officer who ranks above colonel.