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germicide a substance capable of killing or used to kill germs.
germinal of, concerning, or like a germ or germ cell. [2 definitions]
germinate to start or cause to start a process of growth or development; sprout.
germ layer any of the three primary cell layers in an embryo which differentiate into various body parts as the fetus develops.
germ plasm the protoplasm of the germ cells containing chromosomes.
germ warfare the deliberate contamination of an enemy's territory with disease germs.
gerontocracy government by a group of elders. [2 definitions]
gerontology the science concerned with the physical and emotional changes associated with aging. (See geriatrics.)
Gerry Jackson founder and station manager of SW Radio Africa, Zimbabwe's only independent radio station, which is broadcast from London, England.
gerrymander the manipulation, or the result of the manipulation, of the boundaries of election districts so as to favor a particular political party. [2 definitions]
gerund in English, a form derived from a verb by the addition of the suffix "-ing" that functions as a noun.
gestalt in psychology, a cognitive pattern that is whole and unified and cannot be predicted or inferred from its individual elements, even when they are considered together.
Gestalt psychology a psychological theory that holds that experience is composed of gestalts and that an organism's response to a situation cannot be analyzed as a sum of its elements.
Gestapo the terrorist secret police force of Germany during the Nazi regime.
gestate to carry in the uterus following conception. [3 definitions]
gestation the time that an organism spends developing in a womb, egg, or the like before being born. [2 definitions]
gesticulate to make hand movements, esp. so as to be more emphatic or expressive while speaking. [2 definitions]
gesticulation the act or an instance of using hand movements, as to add emphasis or expressiveness to speech. [2 definitions]
gesture a movement of one's body, limbs, or face that expresses emotion or feeling or reinforces speech. [4 definitions]
gesundheit good health to you! (addressed to one who has sneezed).
get to gain; obtain; acquire. [17 definitions]